Well, any time I’m scrolling idly down the dash and a picture appears that makes me literally startle and gasp because of how gorgeous it is, that’s a picture I’m going to have to reblog.

Wow. I mean, wow. I may have other words. Thus far, however, I’m stuck on wow.

This is one of my favorite scenes in Kings. We find out so much about Jack as a soldier and as a man here.

Manuel Neuer about the Justin Bieber of FC Bayern München.

After Belgium vs Bosnia and Herzegovina. 13.10.2014

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This is a very important message for young people everywhere

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The best of @m10_official

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Goodbye, my baby. Thank you for the 13 years of pure joy. I will miss you every day. Words cannot express how much you mean to me. I love you💞💞


Brother Nature



Only a sheet of ice protects you from falling 1000 feet down this Abyss

Photographer Aaron Huey, who is on assignment for National Geographic, recently shared a picture of a frighteningly deep hole on the Lower Ruth Glacier. The only thing stopping people from plummeting down the 1000 feet drop into the ground is a sheet of ice. One crack, though.

Huey wrote:

Staring down what could be a 1,000ft deep worm hole through the blue ice of the Lower #RuthGlacier. I was never afraid of the ones full of water, they’d just be cold, but some had no water and it was easy to imagine a long slide to an icy death.

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British artist Matthew Simmonds carves historic architectural structures into blocks of marble and stone, producing unique and intricate sculptures.

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