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"Men don’t like it when women wear …" who cares? who cares? who the fuck cares?

brazil nt + smiles/laughs

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Good luck and… Gracias por todo, Fernando!

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Have you ever seen a peacock in full flight?




I do not own these pics. They were sent to me in an email. But I thought I’d share with you all because they’re just AMAZING.







I feel so stupid I didn’t know they could fly, I thought they were like CHICKENS, I never questioned it because these pictures never circulate, I am WAY OVER MY HEAD.


Erik Durm | post-match interview 23rd of August 2014

''When you start seeing your worth, you’ll find it harder to stay around people who don’t.''
—Worth by Emily S. P.  (via bummedteenager)
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Hi guys, I recently came across this Instagram account. The aim of this charity is to try and rehome stray dogs and cats found in Cyprus. They try to rehome most of the animals to somewhere in Europe. The poor conditions and extreme heats mean that they don’t have a lot of time to rehome the animals and they potentially end up dying. They have some success stories and have done an awesome job so far, but they can only do so much without help from the public. They need donations so they can improve the conditions of the impounds where the animals are kept. I just thought I’d try and raise some awareness of the great work they’re doing. They appreciate anything you could give even if it’s something small. If you only do one good deed today, how about making it a donation to this amazing charity?

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14/15 Season: Meet the Team

#24 Gary Cahill

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